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Based on your company’s mission and needs, our B2B solutions provide your team or clients with the skills and mindsets to face and overcome challenges by mixing real life military and martial arts experience & skills into tailored workshop, team-building sessions, seminars or concept-events.

There, we teach a realistic and hands-on approach as to how to take smart decisions under Intense pressure and expand resilience skills so that your every one of your team has all the assets to not give in to crisis, get right up after a fall and overall, be more confident in their skillset.

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Law Enforcement

Because the law enforcement community’s needs are deeper than the situations civilian martial arts cover, we have created a solution to the objectives of real-world scenario trainings by teaching efficient techniques that are easy to retain and to perform in any extreme stress situation.

Our special law enforcement programs are designed to take the skills and philosophy of Krav Maga to a deeper level, to ensure safety and self-defense amongst police or military training.

For every man and woman in a uniform that has to deal with the extreme reality of their daily job, it is our mission to lead them towards succeeding in hostile situations by applying effective, efficient & fatal techniques that we have developed throughout our years in both careers. That way, we can provide every officer with the assurance of being prepared for any type of combat scenario without any disadvantage or disorientation.

Large numbers of trainees can easily assimilate those techniques in a short period of time, and secure themselves the mastery needed in an adverse situation of potentially lethal or injurious self-defense responses.

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