Focus and discipline, overcome ADD and other hardships....our self-defense classes for kids have mindblowing results.

Kids of all ages, shapes and sizes here learn to improve their lives and shape their skills with a huge amount of FUN along the way.

Hello, We are Marc Stoltz & Jennifer Carat, Black Belts in Krav Maga and founders of the Krav Maga Center „by kickyoufit“. Parents bring their children to our center for a lot of different reasons, BUT mostly they want to help their children have fun while growing important life skills

With our Luxembourg Krav Maga For Kids classes, self-defense is only the beginning. Your child will also learn focus, respect, dedication, and goal-setting... Powerful tools that will stick with them for life. (Plus they're a ton of fun!) # We want your kids to achieve their full potential, not only at our center but also at school. By learning to focus their attention span will increase. This may result in better grades, thus their self-esteem goes up!

# Does your kid have issues with bullies? Is your kid a mobbing victime ? YOU want to feel safe sending your child to school and not having to worry about their well-being. WHAT IF your child knew how to easily deal with a bully (in a non-violent way)?

# Your child craves physical activity, but just isn't the „TEAM SPORTS“ type ? Don't worry, many kids are like this. Team sports are not for everyone. However your kid could be a shining athlete too! Maybe they just have to find the right sport for them. Martial Arts could be just the thing they were looking for – and it will help them develop their natural, athletic abilities.

#ADD, ADHD, The CAN'T SIT STILL syndrome. Some kids just can't sit still. Their inner-fire is constantly burning and they just can't relax. Many people think that medication is the only way to calm them. Do you feel comfortable with medicating your kid ? How abour a natural, healthy way to help your child ?

CAN YOU RELATE WITH SOME of the reasons above why parents come to us ? Maybe you have a reason of your own ?

ANYWAY don't wait and look any further –

The KM-X program is a dynamic program that allows children aged 4-12 to learn self-defense, improve their overall level of fitness, and become rich in life's vital qualities. that they can become CHAMPIONS in all situations. With our self-defense and fitness classes your children will have the opportunity to learn and evolve in a safe environment supervised by professional and certified instructors.
While having fun they will learn in our classes:

to have a better self-confidence,
to be more powerful,
to better focus,
to develop their balance,
to develop their perseverance,
to have a deep respect for self and betters,
to stand up for themselves
to get better grades,
and to enrich their spirit.

Guarantee a unique experience for your children and let them try a course in the only professional center of Krav Maga in Luxembourg from today on!

Fair Warning: Our classes are high in demand. Because of this, they could fill up at any time.To make sure you get your child in - enter your email now, look at the schedule, and figure out the best time to get started! We'd hate for you to miss out.

See you soon,
Marc & Jenny and the „kickyoufit“ team


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