Bag Class

It's incredible how fast this kickboxing program melts away fat and gets you in shape!

Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes lose up to 5 pounds in the first week, while learning self-defense combatives and having LOADS of fun! Get started as of today and we will get you amazing results too!

  • #1 Our fat burning formula
    The ultimate combination of cardio, resistance and interval training give you an intensive and awesome fat-burning workout.
  • #2 Stress relief
    Hitting a punching bag is simply the best way of stress-relief! Whether you attend our bag class after a long day at work, or you simply need a break from your kids, spouse soon as you start working out it just all fades away. Scientifically proven, exercise helps you to relieve stress and you will feel calm and peaceful throughout the rest of your day.
  • #3 Learn powerful self-defense
    Complementary to our Krav Maga Self-Defense classes (LINK dohinn), you will quickly master kicks and punches in the most effective way by attending our bag class. You will develop skill and technique and you will know how to handle yourself. This will allow your....
  • #4 ...confidence and self-esteem to skyrocket
    Your day will be filled with positive energy.

What is the origin of our Bag class?

KML Bag class is a sport-specific equipment-based exercise program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine in 1992 as “Cardio Kickboxing”. The original circuit training format was developed to help promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness. The techniques used during the one-hour classes, using conventional heavy bags and training pads, are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants. This is further explained in his book, Cardio Kickboxing Elite. “Cardio Kickboxing” is a registered U.S. trademark, #1,890,451, 1995. Most Bag class classes begin with light stretches and a cardio warm up. Typical routines include a series of repetitive punches, hand strikes, kicks and other self-defense and fitness moves.

All this can happen very fast, if you register now for a trial WEBSPECIAL offer HERE or give us a call now at +352 2799-0160 Our friendly staff members will tell you our class schedule and give you the opportunity to sign up for our special trial offer WEBSPECIAL. We see people feeling better and better about themselves every week with our bag class.

Imagine how good it feels to look in the mirror and love what you see. Get a rush of excitement on how good you look.

Our trial offer WEBSPECIAL includes 3 classes for just 24,99 € and on top of that you will get a free T-Shirt that you can keep, no matter what. This special is only available through this website and will only be offered for a limited amount of time!


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